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I take great pride in combining beauty, functionality & practicality into every design I produce.

Poster Design

Auckland Deaf Society

I was required to design these posters for a group associated with a long term client of mine, Auckland Deaf Society. They needed something bright and visually appealing.

Flyer Design

Victoria Park Market

I have worked on the new branding for Victoria Park Market for a while now. I wanted something vibrant and funky to mirror the new feel they wanted to portray.

Logo Design

Kingdom Contractors Limited

A really fun design for a construction company that was willing to push the envelope.

Rubbish Bin Decal

Manco Engineering

Being a part of an environmentally centered project is always a pleasure.

Flyer Design

Auckland Deaf Society

The Deaf community is a very visual community and so there is a greater weight placed on the imagery of their collateral.

Poster Design

Auckland Deaf Society

Making a topic like governance visually exciting is not always easy. I have used bold graphics & bright colours to achieve this.

Annual Report

Auckland Deaf Society

Facts and figures are not always that pretty but you can always use colour and beautiful fonts to jazz it up.

Burger Illustration

The Apothecary

Redesigning their menu was a fantastic opportunity for me to crack out my Wacom tablet & explore digital illustration
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